About My Writing

I have never been very good at these things… I can tell you I am a writer by hobby, not by trade. My writing is a way of venting my overactive imagination. Often times it is erratic and disconnected, which is why I call them “excerpts”. While I hope those brave enough to read my ramblings enjoy them, my writing is my own. The excerpts within this blog are written for my enjoyment, my stress relief, my relaxation, and my escape. Those who know me will see reflections of reality in my stories. However, they are all works of fiction. The stories have been influenced by books I’ve read, movies I’ve watched and my own imagination. I have found that I am nervous about sharing these stories. None of these things may have happened in my life but that makes them no less my own. So, on occasion some of the excerpts may disappear. This is because, in a fit of panic and self-doubt, I have deleted them. This may be a regular occurrence.

A word on comments: I always welcome comments. I hope to publish some day and constructive feedback helps me to improve my abilities. However, the key word is “constructive”. If a reader likes a post, please let me know. If someone has a suggestion to improve my work, I welcome the help.

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