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Pick Me!

This poem doesn’t follow a smooth pattern. May need some work…

Mom and Dad took little Sue to see the little pups.

They nibbled at her toes and hair, those silly little pups.

Sleek and clean, their breeder’s care, clear in every pup.

They danced and played and showed their best, those happy little pups.

“Pick Me! Pick Me!” They barked with glee, those funny little pups.

Mom had liked the little girl, with white upon her paws.

Dad, he liked the big boy pup with brown along his jaws.

Little Sue, she tried and tried to find the one she’d want.

She looked at every paw and tail, and hugged the little runt.

Yet, none of them, so clean, so sweet filled her full of want.

Finally, they said goodbye to all the little pups

Mom and Dad could not believe they had no little pup.

But Little Sue, she didn’t fret because she really knew

That loving one that steals your heart beats settling for two.

As they left she stared across, a stray stared at her, too.

“He stinks”, Mom said and Dad did too. “Look at that matte of fur”.

The dirt, they said would not come off. Of fleas they were so sure

But little Sue, she stopped their voice with just a little sigh.

“He’s hungry and in need of love. Just listen to his cry”.

“Pick me”, he said with begging eyes. “I need a girl to love.”

They took him home and cleaned him up, that homeless little pup.

They gave him food and lots of love, that silly little pup.

They made his bed, nice and warm, that happy little pup.

They gave him a home and a family to love, that lucky little pup.

And Little Sue, his life he owed, welcomed home her rescued pup.

Please consider adopting your next pet!


For Morgan, With Love

A little poem for my daughter:

If I were a glow worm

I’d sparkle in the night.

Illuminating shadows

With my natural light

And if I were a caterpillar

I’d soon turn out to be

Pretty as the sunrise and

The wind could carry me

But I’m just a little girl

Not knowing what I’ll be.

And that’s OK because I know

I’m the one and only ME!

My dearest daughter, you are a gift from the heavens. Your life is spread out before you. Take advantage of the opportunities you are given. You can grow to be anything in this world… My only hope is that you choose to be yourself, first. I love you, my Hobbit.


A Christmas Shorty

It’s the day before Christmas
And all through the house
The excitement is building;
A few presents are out.
Tonight will come Santa;
All dressed up in red.
To leave us all goodies
While we’re tucked in bed..

Merry Christmas, Everyone!!


I’m having trouble sleeping tonight. It happens on occasion. While I sat sipping my tea, a single line came into my head. From it, I built the following. Perhaps, it is meant to be a poem. I believe I am too tired to tell. I may refine it in the future, when I’ve had more sleep…..

Between life and death, there is silence. You’ll hear it in the middle of night. While all around sleeps quiet, the spirit emits its soft sound. You won’t hear it by daylight, as you rush about in your day. You won’t hear it by moonlight, as sleep carries you away. It is not a product of deafness, nor an unwillingness to hear. It is the silence within us, music for only our ears. It is times like these you will hear it. Only now does the song of the spirit ring. Between life and death there is silence. The sweet, simple music of being…


Enchanted Mirror, tell me true,
Will I see a different view?
Am I condemned to this place,
Where thoughts are dark
And have no grace?

Will my heart forever be
Squeezed too tight within me?
Will my limbs, too weak to raise,
Stay numb to touch
or warm embrace?

I want to see the sun again,
To love and laugh and smile or grin.
But tears continue to blur my sight.
I am lost and alone
In this forever night.

The Meeting

I wrote the following poem while waiting for a meeting to begin. I was entertaining myself and this was the result….

White walls
Louder than the conversation

Guests all
Speak of professional degradation

Pointless words
Wondering eyes
Talk of agency compromise

Delegated by my boss
Thinking to miss
Would be no loss

Yet, here I sit.
I’m listening
And thinking
there must be something missing….

I Am

Reading Sexton’s Transformations has inspired me to try my hand at poetry. Here is my first attempt.

I am a window.
Shutters forced open.
My soul standing naked.
My heart bleeding in my open hands.
My thoughts projected like the news on TV.

I am a beast.
Shoved in a cage.
Pacing before you.
Forced to perform as you wish.
Are you pleased with your pet?

I am a mirror.
Reflecting reality altered,
You see me smile,
You see me laugh,
You forget how the mirror works.

I am a goddess.
Fallen from grace,
Stripped of divinity,
But I have not forgotten who I am,
And I grow stronger everyday…