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Pick Me!

This poem doesn’t follow a smooth pattern. May need some work…

Mom and Dad took little Sue to see the little pups.

They nibbled at her toes and hair, those silly little pups.

Sleek and clean, their breeder’s care, clear in every pup.

They danced and played and showed their best, those happy little pups.

“Pick Me! Pick Me!” They barked with glee, those funny little pups.

Mom had liked the little girl, with white upon her paws.

Dad, he liked the big boy pup with brown along his jaws.

Little Sue, she tried and tried to find the one she’d want.

She looked at every paw and tail, and hugged the little runt.

Yet, none of them, so clean, so sweet filled her full of want.

Finally, they said goodbye to all the little pups

Mom and Dad could not believe they had no little pup.

But Little Sue, she didn’t fret because she really knew

That loving one that steals your heart beats settling for two.

As they left she stared across, a stray stared at her, too.

“He stinks”, Mom said and Dad did too. “Look at that matte of fur”.

The dirt, they said would not come off. Of fleas they were so sure

But little Sue, she stopped their voice with just a little sigh.

“He’s hungry and in need of love. Just listen to his cry”.

“Pick me”, he said with begging eyes. “I need a girl to love.”

They took him home and cleaned him up, that homeless little pup.

They gave him food and lots of love, that silly little pup.

They made his bed, nice and warm, that happy little pup.

They gave him a home and a family to love, that lucky little pup.

And Little Sue, his life he owed, welcomed home her rescued pup.

Please consider adopting your next pet!


For Morgan, With Love

A little poem for my daughter:

If I were a glow worm

I’d sparkle in the night.

Illuminating shadows

With my natural light

And if I were a caterpillar

I’d soon turn out to be

Pretty as the sunrise and

The wind could carry me

But I’m just a little girl

Not knowing what I’ll be.

And that’s OK because I know

I’m the one and only ME!

My dearest daughter, you are a gift from the heavens. Your life is spread out before you. Take advantage of the opportunities you are given. You can grow to be anything in this world… My only hope is that you choose to be yourself, first. I love you, my Hobbit.


Language of the Soul

I’ve been listening to a lot of music, lately. I like it because it speeds the day up. I spend 8-9 hours a day staring at a computer screen. Anything that will speed that time up helps. Anyway, I’ve been listening and I’ve noticed, or rather rediscovered, how effectively music stirs up emotions.  I’ve always had songs that made me think of certain people or events events in my life, but it’s more than that. Music is a language all its own. It speak to the human soul (if you don’t believe you have a soul, stop reading now. You probably won’t understand the rest of this).

In the last 7 hours I have laughed, rocked out in my chair, cried, and simply become lost in my own mind. All because of Jango, my chosen streaming site. But, just before I started this blog, something happened that I don’t ever remember happening before.  I heard a song that sent me face to face with one of my own demons. I won’t say what song, that is a bit too personal for a non-fiction post. Though the rhythm was disquieting. I couldn’t stop listening.  It was a familiar song but I couldn’t place it. Then, the words caught me. I pulled up the lyrics (thank you Google) and there is was – my demon… or demons… spread out before me on the page. Every word I have said to myself in the last several months, every thought, every emotion. It was all right there. That’s when I realized why I couldn’t stop listening. The music was speaking to me, on a very deep level. I wasn’t listening, my soul was. It was a powerful realization.

I know this isn’t news to most people. Even when I was a child I understood the depths music could effect people. After all, I grew up in an age where Ozzy was sued for causing teenage suicides. We would all stand around and say it wasn’t the music, but deep down we knew the truth. Music speaks to everyone at the level of their soul. If that soul is black, empty, it will find emptiness in the chords. It is also clear in my mind, a failing grade I had received on a writing assignment. We were to chose something that gave us comfort and explain why. I chose music; I failed for not writing on the topic. Apparently, the writing topic referred to an OBJECT and music, in the instructor’s opinion, was more of an idea. Whatever, I’m still writing and those tests are obsolete…. But, I digress…. again. Back to the music – I often wonder if song writers realize what they create when composing their music.

Has anyone ever heard a country song and imagined themselves barefoot in a pickup truck, driving down to the river for fishing? (*author raises hand*)  What about a song that makes you want to hit the highway and drive without a plan? (*hand up again*) For me, the song determines the direction I head, either west to the ocean or east to the hills…. I usually head east. What about love songs? Married ladies, can you remember the song you danced to at your wedding? Do you remember why you chose it? And how many of us, after suffering a broken heart, have sat listening to every sad song in our library (*author raises hand*). Eventually, we get over it. But there is always that one song that breaks our heart all over again, even after someone has come along to mend it. “My Immortal” always brings me back to my first pregnancy… and miscarriage. As I said, we get over it. I did. That song has taken on other meanings in recent months but the pregnancy is always the first event I associate with the music.

Music is an amazing art. It is a series of tones, mathematically arranged into chords, which are mashed together in organized chaos to create a tune, which is transformed into a language. The language of the soul…

…Oh! If you are wondering, during the song I faced my demons, admitted they exist, and quietly moved to the next track… I’m still to much of a coward to take them on…